Studio Andela is a creative studio that specializes in 3D design and algorithmic modelling.
The studio is working on interdisciplinary projects – intersecting between digital fabrication, design, science and craftsmanship – that focus on innovative production strategies. The studio works both on commissioned and self initiated projects. In the past Studio Andela has worked on projects for Tresoar, The Dutch Libraries and Passend Lezen.


parametric dessin
Studio Andela is currently developing a parametric scripting tool for creating decorative prints. The tool can be used for designing ...


Building with robots
Back in 2015 we visited the Beyond Building conference in Barcelona to participate in the Building With Robots workshop. We ...
3d scanned jeans
Back in 2016 we did a 3D scanned jeans project. For this project we used a Kinect as a 3D ...

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