If people lose their connection to their surroundings they lose their ability to take care of the world. And thus they destroy their ecology and each other. The recovery of our society begins with recovering our personal, elementary connection to our perceivable surroundings. That includes our relationship with the stuff we possess. If you look at it like this, restoring ecological balance begins with reconnecting. Making something yourself, can be a great and fun way to do this. That is why Studio Andela is seeking collaboration with companies to develop innovative strategies for including the consumer in the design and the manufacturing process of the product. Together with industry, it wants to develop ways to use making as a tool for reconnecting to our world.


Studio Andela is directed by Marleen Andela, an artist, designer, researcher and a hacker. Together with her husband and one year old son, Marleen lives in Woudsend, a small village in the Netherlands about one hour away from Amsterdam. She has studied interdisciplinary art in Groningen, has been working as a planner at a metalworking company and as a teacher at a makerspace. Besides being a 3D Rhino Grasshopper specialist at Studio Andela, Marleen is also working on independent artistic research projects that question digital culture, emerging technologies and the way that they affect our lives.

Making is an essential part of life for Marleen. Not only is making a way to project your ideas onto reality and to express what is inside your head, it is also a way of gaining understanding in objects. The most personal relationship you can have with an object is to make it, it completely changes how you appreciate it. So Marleen thinks people should make more things themselves, because it gives fulfilment and helps gain understanding and appreciation. It can be an ecological act, an instrument to deepen our relationship with what we consume.