the machine

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Printed with soy-based ink on 200 grams Biotop paper (100% chlorine free, Fsc label, EU-Ecolabel). Size: A4.


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These stencils are made with a RisoGraph 1750. Risograph is a stencil based print process which combines old and new technologies to produce print work that is unique in its aesthetic. Our machine dates from 1995 and was formerly used in a printing office. Over the time that it has been used, it has developed its own unique little flaws.

For this series of prints we used the flaws of the machine to create variations within the designs. By printing the same image several times on one piece of paper, each print is slightly different because the position of the printed image is a bit different each time that it is printed. This way small deviations become more visible and reveal a hidden characteristic.

For the series that are sold in the webshop, we chose six of the most intriguing results that came out of this method, and used these to make new stencils. We printed these in an edition of 50. The pieces are sold individually or can also be purchased as a set.

! Please note that the printed image is the same as displayed, but the position of the image on the paper slightly varies. This has to do with the unique little ways of our stencilling machine.

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A4 (210 x 297mm)




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